The Viggen Gold has landed - an authentic pilot watch with a hint of luxury

The new Viggen Gold Special Edition stands as a significant timepiece to MALM's lineup, representing an evolution of the successful Air Wolf collection developed in collaboration with the Swedish Air Force's aviation technicians. Beyond its updated steel treatment featuring satin-brushed and polished finishes, Air Wolf Viggen Gold marks another milestone as the first gold plated timepiece - colored right here in Linköping. 

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The inception of the Viggen watch collection stems from a collaboration between MALM and knighted Viggen pilots, affectionately known as "Viggbröder," resulting in a limited commercial release.

"The Viggen is perhaps the most iconic Swedish aircraft, and at MALM, we are very proud to have a dedicated pilot watch collection to honor it. When approached by the Viggbröder to craft a watch together, it presented us with a unique opportunity to create something truly special, with clear ties to both the pilots and the aircraft. It's a remarkable watch with a fantastic design language," says Marcus Malm.

In the Air Wolf Viggen, a distinct movement from Sellita is housed, the SW200-1. The Sellita movement provides exceptional quality and performance for its value and is well known for its reliability and serviceability.

The Viggen watch offers a robust stainles steel case construction with a clear and easily readable appearance, featuring large sword hands and a dial inspired by cockpit clock from the aircraft. The lightweight aluminum cylinder bears the same ribbed surface as the control stick in the Viggen, while the iconic silhouette of the Viggen aircraft, with its canard wings, is echoed in the watch's second hand.

Produced between 1970 and 1990 in various configurations, including fighter, reconnaissance, and training aircraft, the Viggen played a significant role in Swedish aviation history. Its final operational flight took place in 2005 before being succeeded by the current JAS 39 Gripen. Today, the last flying specimens are preserved by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, maintaining SK37 and AJS37 versions in excellent condition.

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Viggen Gold is released in two color schemes; gold-colored case and barrel with a forrest dark green dial, as well as a gold-colored case with a black barrel and black dial. Strapped with a handmade, classic croco-leather from Germany its the perfect choice for pilots, enthusiasts, and watch collectors seeking the unique and exclusive among the market's pilot watches.
Viggen Gold will be delivered to the first pre-order customers in the latter half of April, 2024.