klocksamling av malm klockor och läderbandklocksamling av malm klockor och läderband

MALM is a pilot watch brand from Linköping, Sweden. We design and develop our watches in partnership with pilots and Swedish armed forces personnel. All MALM watches are conceived, designed, assembled, and serviced in our own workshop by our own watchmakers.

We are from Linköping – a mid-sized Swedish city known as the capital of Swedish aviation, due to more than 80 years of aircraft manufacturing history.

MALM sprang from a genuine existing interest in watches and aviation. We are ourselves watch enthusiasts and private pilots, no naturally we collect most of our inspiration from historical aircraft.

We vouch for every watch leaving our workshop, and offer a 5 year warranty on all our timepieces. We stock spare parts and components for all our collections to ensure safe and proper service over time.


Each MALM watch is designed and developed in collaboration with Swedish air force pilots, naval divers, and technical personnel, catering specifically to their unique and meticulous requirements.

This tailored approach to product development guarantees high quality, bespoke design, and unmatched utility for our clients.

Our military collaborations are also the major driver behind MALM's rapid development into one of Sweden's largest luxury watch manufacturers. With more than 20 exclusive military projects, MALM have made more wrist watches for Swedish military personel than any other watch brand.

urmakare som monterar delar av en klocka från malm watches
dalton pilotklocka med blå urtavla och silver armbandslänk
wrist watch från malm med orange urtavla och gummiband.

MALM watches are built in Linköping, in our own workshop, by our own watchmakers. All parts are tested, assembled, and stored here for future services.

We believe that, by taking responsibility for as large a part of our production as possible in-house, we enable ourselves to further develop the invaluable
knowledge and competence it takes to improve and grow bigger.

We take no shortcuts, and mirroring Sweden's long and rich history of aircraft manufacturing, we are in this for the long run.