When you pre-order a watch from MALM, you reserve one of the very first examples of MALM's latest watch models. During the waiting period, you will receive a personal service from us at MALM with continuous follow-up of the progress of the project. After delivery, you receive a 30-day open purchase and right of withdrawal, and you can cancel your order at any time during the waiting period.

A watch's development from fictional idea to final design is long and exciting. It takes about a year from the first design proposal to the first watch being assembled. It is a process that begins with paper and pencil, where ideas and visions must be realized and concretized to become a beautiful design in high-class quality, performance and comfort.

The work with design and product development is as fun and exciting as it is difficult and challenging. A watch's appearance must be set in relation to functionality, small details versus quality and endurance. Not least, all parts must be properly tested and evaluated. At MALM, we have accumulated extensive experience in production and product development. Thanks to great patience and a talented production team, we strive to make our watch collections better and better in line with our level of ambition, which is getting higher and bigger.

Pre-ordering a MALM watch means that you enter and support a new watch project in its final stages. At this stage of the project, a small number of watches have been built, tested and validated to ensure the quality and appearance of the watches. As a serious and independent watch manufacturer, it is of the utmost importance that our customers feel safe and secure in purchasing a MALM watch at this stage of the manufacturing process. As a customer, you are always protected by 100% right of withdrawal and have the full possibility of a refund at any time during the entire waiting period and the project. This right of withdrawal also continues 30 days from the time you received your watch.

Delivery and waiting times vary from project to project. How long the waiting time appears for your particular watch is shown in the watch's product description. During the waiting period, MALM will update you regularly with news and information from how the project is progressing. There will be no intermediaries, but communication takes place directly with MALM and whoever is responsible for the project and manufacturing of your watch.

If you have questions regarding our current MALM pre-orders, you are most welcome to contact us. You can either use the contact form that you can find here , or via the contact details below: