At MALM your watch will be serviced AND CARED FOR by the same watchmakerS that designed and assembled your watch. We THEREFORE guarantee high quality craftmanship, original spare parts and long warranties. 

All watch services are made in our workshop in Linköping in the same building where your watch initially was assembled. Here you will find the best know-how about your MALM watch, original spare parts and 2 year warranty on all service works.

You begin your service process by placing an order of requested service here on our webshop When your order is confirmed you will be sent an email including instructions how to send your watch to us - all shipping and returns are included and covered. We offer a variety of services from watch cleaning, polishing, waterproofness to a recommended complete watch service. 

You can read more about our different service options that we offer below. If you are not sure what service your watch needs, please contact us and we will help you find what your watch needs.

How does your watch work? 

Most of our watches runs on Seiko movements which combines quartz technology and traditional mechanical engineering – a so-called hybrid mecaquartz movement. These movements are powered by a battery (quartz) while the chronograph use a mechanical construction with a sweeping second hand. The battery has a lifespan of 3 years. To make sure your watch never runs out of time we recommend service regularly where we replace the battery, pressure test your watch, do a water-resistance check, clean and polish your watch. 

An automatic movement is not powered by a battery. Instead, it is equipped with a rotor that rotates freely when the watch is moved around on your wrist, winding a mainspring that powers the movement. You can also manually wind the mainspring by rotating the crown. Automatic movements requires a more frequent service than quartz movements, how often depends on wearing, a 5 year interval between each service is a good estimate.

Services by MALM

  • Complete Service

A complete service includes a thorough control of your watch followed by a battery replacement, cleaning, and water-resistance test. The watch is disassembled and cleaned in an ultrasonic washer. All caskets protecting the watch from water and moisture is replaced prior to reassembly, followed by a pressure test to make sure the watch is fully sealed and protected. 

Complete service: 129 EUR

ORD. PRIce 217 EUR - SAVE 80 EUR

Automatic movements needs to be serviced regularly. Mechanical movements consists of many small parts and components that are worn down over time. We recommend service every 5 years where the watch is disassembled, parts are cleaned and worn parts and components are replaced. New oil is applied during reassembly and the watch is tested before returned. 


Moisture inside the watch is difficult to see with your bare eye, but it can break the watch. Condensation is a sign that there’s moisture inside and it needs to be removed. With our water-resistance test, we clean the watch and all caskets are replaced with new ones. 2 years warranty is included to make sure the watch remains sealed and protected. 

Water-resistance test and resealing: 99 EUR

Our batteries has a lifespan of approximately 3 years.  After the battery replacement we pressure test the watch to make sure its fully protected against water and moisture. 


Give your watch a new look with new dial and hands. When changing dials and hands we also replace the battery and pressure test the watch. The new battery has a lifespan of 3 years. 


Polishing your watch and bracelet will make it look and feel new again. Dints and marks are grinded off by removing a microscopic thin layer in a polishing machine. 


To give your watch a proper cleaning we disassemble the watch and clean all parts in an ultrasonic washer that removes dirt and grease. All parts are then rinsed off and blown dry with air. The sapphire crystal is carefully cleaned before being reassembled with the case and all screws are applied with loctite to secure them properly. 


Caseback engraving is one of our most appreciated services. With our own engraving machines we customize each engraving to make the watch more personal and unique for its wearer. Not only do we engrave our own watches but we also do caseback engravings for various watch and jewelry retailers.

Caseback engraving: 79 EUR

Care for your watch 

  • Use
  • Cleaning
  • Temperatur
  • Turn to us

Like many other advanced watches and gauges there are many components that contribute to handle all the functions within a small space. It’s therefore important that you take care of your watch and do not expose it to unnecessary or abnormal stress. The daily use of any wristwatch may result in scratches and marks over time. This is considered a natural result of wear and tear. There are various recommendations as to whether these scratches and marks can be polished. We recommend that you always contact MALM or a watchmaker before trying this on your own.  

Dust and dirt on your case and bracelet can result in skin irritations and affect the steel. You can avoid this by cleaning your watch periodically with a toothbrush and liquid soap. Then rinse your watch under a gentle stream of water and dry it with an absorbent cloth. Your watch is made by stainless steel and water won’t harm the case and bracelet. 

If you wear your watch with MALM’s leather strap it is good to be familiar with the aspects that shorten the life of genuine leather products. Even though MALM’s leather are of the highest quality, like other leather products they will have varying length of life depending on how they are used and care for over time. Water, cosmetics and sweat, for example, shortens the life of your leather strap. 

Your MALM watch designed to work smoothly between -5 C and +50 C. Avoid fast and high temperature variations that may cause a so-called negative pressure in your watch. A possible consequence of this is that condensation occurs. If condensation occurs, there is liquid or moisture inside the watch, which may not be visible. In case of condensation, immediately turn your watch in to MALM or a watchmaker. The watch must be opened and any liquid and/or moisture must be removed. If you chose not to hand in your watch for service, the moisture may penetrate the movement and destroy it. The warranty does not cover damages caused by condensations as its not due to any manufacturing defect. Even divers’ watches are not fully protected against condensation. Typical occasions when condensation can occur are, for example, in saunas, ice baths and in strict cold environments. 

Always turn to us if you have any questions regarding your MALM watch. Services should always be performed by MALM for warranty terms to apply. If you don’t know what service your watch needs or don’t know what’s wrong with your watch, you can always contact us for support.