Together with swedish fighter jet squadrons MALM Watches has developer the pilot watch ACE. The watch is a celebration to the Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE) taking place between 7th and 18th of june. The military exercise is a multinational air force exercise happening every two years in northern Sweden, Norway and Finland. Over 70 aircrafts and 3000 military personnel from multiple nations participates.

The watch is a limited edition watch available for all military personnel participating in ACE 2021.

– The purpose of the design and specifications when developing this watch was to manufacture a bigger, heavy-duty wristwatch that can handle military requirements, is easy to use and is easy to read while in cockpit during a flight, says Marcus Malm.

The watch is available with vintage-white or black dial and measures 44 mm in diameter and 51 mm from lug-to-lug with a unique 4-piece case construction.

The caseback is host to the Ace of Spades and silhouttes of the aircrafts Gripen, F18 and F16, representing the participating fighter jets from Sweden, Finland and Norway.