We are happy to introduce the latest watch in the Dalton family - The Dalton Blue Chronograph 41. A limited collection of only 70 pieces of watches featuring a beautiful, dark blue dial.

The Dalton chronos are available with a wide selection of genuine leather straps handmade in Germany. Just like the Dalton Black Chronograph Limited Edition, it features the MALM wings in its dial and uses the same serial number as the pilots of the Swedish Air Force. 

Powered by the VK63 movement from Seiko, the Dalton is a reliable tool watch develop to be used in the cockpit. The watch face design is heavily inspired by the overall appearance of a Swedish fighter jet cockpit. Numbers and indexes are all re-produced according to real gauges in the JA 37 Viggen and the J 35 Draken. The crown guards are designed according to the intakes of JAS 39 Gripen, the current fighter jet used in the Swedish Air Force. The Gripen aircraft is also presented as a silhouette in the center-positioned second hand.