MALM Dalton - A Swedish aviator

In the spring of 2019, the first pilot watch of MALM - Dalton was launched, marking the start of MALM as one of the leading Swedish watch brands ever. The Dalton watch was named after 212 Fighter Squadron, call-sign 'Dalton', and was founded through a long collaboration on the development of a Swedish pilot watch.

The Dalton watch opened the door to a range of follow-up projects within the Swedish Air Force. Nearly 30 different fly-related Swedish watch collaborations were completed from the spring of 2019 to the end of 2021. The Dalton design was adapted for fighter pilots, helicopter pilots, transport pilots, and civilian pilots, and was designed in different colors and finishes with each division and squadron symbol on the dial and back cover.

"One of the main reasons for the success of Dalton is that we designed the watch together with the fighter pilots of the 212th division. We did everything from scratch and tried to capture as many different details as possible from the various Swedish aircraft flown over the years. We didn't take any shortcuts and at the same time found a reasonable price level, and we were rewarded for that," says Marcus Malm.

At first glance, the knowledgeable watch enthusiast notes a neutral and sober case design with different lines and shapes discovered upon closer examination, traditionally drawn differently on other chronograph watches. Dalton's crown guards are unusually high with sharp edges and the pushers tapering like a wing. The watch's crown guards are inspired by the JAS 39 Gripen's air intake and the pushers are reminiscent of those on the J 35 Draken. These are typical examples of two of the many details found in Dalton - if you know what to look for.

"Most of the details are very subtle, and that's the idea. At MALM, we don't draw toy watches or gadget watches, instead we prefer to preserve the classic look expected of a quality watch. However, we do integrate our own design language and details in a sober and neutral way. All the details in the watch's appearance have a meaning," Marcus explains.

In Dalton's dial, there are many different details and nods to aviation. The center-positioned chronograph second hand even has a small silhouette of the JAS 39 Gripen, as well as two red lines at its tip that illustrate the runway markers. Instrument gauges from the J35 Draken and J 37 Viggen are found in the different sub-dials, as well as the hands borrowed from various cockpit instruments.

The Dalton watch was manufactured in various designs, including for the 211 Fighter Squadron Akktu Stakki, Flyg S at Malmen in Linköping, 1st and 4th Helicopter Squadrons, 72nd Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Squadron 'Puma Squadron' in the Hungarian Air Force, among others.