DALTON Black Chronograph 41

DALTON Black Chronograph 41

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The Dalton Chronograph has been developed in close co-operation with Swedish fighter pilots at the 212nd fighter squad, call-sign "Dalton". The watch celebrates the Swedish Air Force and is inspired by Swedish historical fighter jets that has been used throughout the years.

The Dalton Chronograph has a 41 mm wide watch case that combines smooth curves with sharp edges. The tastefully balanced combination of satin brushed and polished stainless steel creates an exclusive yet discreet look. The shape of the case forms a seamlessly transition to the bracelet, which bends comfortably around the wrist and makes the watch very comfortable to wear. A streamlined shape runs from lug to lug and joins the crown guards in a smooth and elegant way - creating the look of two intakes of the Swedish fighter aircraft Jas 39 Gripen. Along with the pushers, which have an aerodynamic shape, the Dalton has the characteristic appearance of an airplane seen straight from the front.
The watch face and watch dial are inspired by various instruments and gauges in the Swedish fighter aircrafts that have been used over the years. The numbers are a combination collected from different aircraft versions and they are all filled with a yellow vintage lume that makes them easy to interpret in the dark and dusk. This also applies to the watch's minute and hour hand.


The Dalton Chronograph runs on a movement from Seiko that uses quartz technology in combination with the more traditional mechanical technology in watch movements. It is a so-called mecaquartz movment where the actual time runs on battery and the chronograph runs on the mechanical parts with a sweeping second hand as the result. This makes the Dalton a very reliable, accurate and durable wrist watch. The top surface of the sapphire crystal is treated with a coating protecting it from stains and fingerprints. The bottom surface of the crystal has an anti reflective coating to create the best possible visibilty. The watch has a water resistancy of 10 atm / 100 meters with a screwed down crown. 

The left subdial shows the minutes of the chronograph and is synchronized with the center-positioned second hand showing seconds. The lower subdial with the ticking hand shows live seconds and the right subdial the 24 hours of the day.


Material: Stainless steel, 316L 
Dial: Vintage black
Case: 41 mm
Movement: Seiko VK63 mecaquartz
Crystal: Scratch proof sapphire, glareproofed
Water resistant: 10 atm / 100 meters
Battery: 3 years 
Warranty: 5 years
Bracelet: Stainless steel, satin brushed edge links with polished center links