"Here at MALM we strive to create uniqueness. We are achieving that through beautiful design and solid craftsmanship.
 To us it is all about the product." 
MALM is a Swedish watch brand launched in 2018 by a small group of watch enthusiats and designers who wanted to create beautiful, well-made watches with personality and Swedish characteristics. By introducing new materials and attributes into the traditional world of watchmaking, MALM has moved beyond the limits of what can be expected of a small, independent watchmaker. 

In a very short period of time, MALM has become a well-known watch brand in the field of pilot watches. The Dalton collection, launched in early 2019, was developed together with pilots and members of Swedish fighter squadrons within the Swedish Air Force. By being heavily inspired by the large Swedish heritage of military aviation, we design, manufacture and assemble our pilot watches with a strong sense of Swedishness and high level of quality. Today our pilot watches are worn by Swedish, Hungarian and Austrian fighter pilots who all are flying or training with Swedish made fighter jets.

Celebrating the history of Swedish aviation and the heritage of Swedish fighter jets is a mission that we at MALM embraces with both pride and care. We ourselves are from Linköping, the city which is considered to be Sweden's capital in terms of aviation. Here the majority of Sweden's military aircraft have been manufactured for over 80 years. 

All MALM watches are designed by ourselves. Every detail discovered in our watches has a history and thought behind it. It takes approximately 1 year from the first draft to the final product sample. It is a long wait where focus is on getting all the details right and accurate, a work that involves our complete devotion as well as the high level of expertise from our manufacturing partners. To achieve our goal to manufacture the level of quality that can only be excpeted in high luxury watches, we source components and partners from all over the world - from Europe to Japan. All components are quality tested and assembled by ourselves before proceeding into the final production phase.