MALM is a Swedish watch brand producing unique quality timepieces. We combine traditional watchmaking and modern Scandinavian design. In our watches, every detail has been drawn and designed from scratch with a vision to surprise and offer pure uniqueness in exceptional quality. MALM's ability to capture and highlight the simplest and purest details has made MALM known in the world of watches as the manufacturer behind some of the most exciting new watches on the market.

MALM and Aviation

Linköping, the city where MALM has its origin, is considered to be Sweden's capital in terms of aviation. Here the majority of Sweden's fighter aircraft have been manufactured for over 80 years. MALM's contacts within Swedish Air Force have quickly come to characterize the young watch brand. Today MALM manufactures and develops pilot timepieces together with several fighter squadrons within the Swedish Air Force.

MALM = Mineral, Rock

The Swedish word "malm" means mineral or rock. The inspiration from Swedish mountains became the foundation for MALM's first collection of stone watches. Through a careful selection of genuine stones, MALM has made six collections of watches in a unique, minimalistic Scandinavian design. Capturing the natural and irregular patterns of every stone dial, every watch becomes unique to each piece.