16 new Diana's for 2018/2019

6 months has past since the 8 timepieces in the DIANA collection was released. Since then we've sent our Diana's to over 10 different countries, have had wonderful get togethers, started new collaborations with retailers and made a lot of new friends. Finding new ways and design ideas to develop the collection has therefore been our top priority. 

The manufacturing process of stone dials is a complex and difficult procedure. Not all rocks and stones have the right characteristics to be able to be sanded down into thin dials that can fit a slim watch case. Therefore it takes a lot of time searching and evaluating different rocks in order to find the strongest and best looking dials. 

In October this year, we're happy to plan the release of 16 new MALM watches from our Diana collection featuring dark green marble, dark blue sand stone, grey slate and white granite.

The discovery of these stone dials is a combination of hard work, determination and obsession of unique creations. We hope you'll find these amazing timepieces as beautiful as we do. We will release more information about how to pre-order one of these to an advantageous price.