New release: Dalton J35 Chronograph 41

Dalton J35 Chronograph 41 – a tribute to Swedish fighter jet J35 Draken.

Around 1950 the needs increased for a military aircraft capable to intercept the new threats. The requirements were high and many. Beside high speeds the aircraft needed to be able to reach high altitudes and have long rage, as well as carrying equipment such as radar and all the necessary weaponry to carry out its mission. The result of this is the Swedish J35 Draken.   

A historical Swedish fighter jet

The fighter jet flew the first time in 1955. Five years later, J35 Draken (Swedish word for “the kite”), entered service. The J35 had a special construction of a small body and a double delta wing. This construction gave it good capabilities in both high altitudes and speed. The delta wing, however, also made it capable of being more than the high-altitude fighter jet it was first designed to be. Later, a reconnaissance and a two-seat schoolversion was developed.

A total of 644 J35 Draken was manufactured and served in four different air forces for a total of 46 years. In Sweden the J35 left service in 1998 but it was in 2005, Austria, the final military J35 was retired.

An appreciated watch in new design

The watch originates from the original and appreciated DALTON. The DALTON J35 has been developed and designed by studying the gauges and instruments in the J35 cockpit. The black dial and indices is applied with vintage yellow/orange lume that’s used in traditional military wrist watches. The numbers have been designed by MALM to resemble the design of the numbers in the cockpit.

The center positioned second hand has a silhouette of the J35. The same silhouette can also be found in the dials 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. The sub dials differ from the original DALTON with its sub dials positioned in the top, left and bottom part of the dial. The sub dials and hands are also inspired by the instruments from the J35 cockpit.

The Dalton J35 Chronograph 41 watch case that combines smooth curves with sharp edges. The case has a balanced combination of satin brushed and polished surfaces that creates an exclusive yet discreet look. The surface on the bezel is found in the cockpit of the J35 as well.

The watch is assembled upon orders. 

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