MALM introduces a unique, scandinavian designed pilot chronograph in collaboration with Swedish fighter pilots

Right before 2019 MALM released the first images of the new Dalton Chronograph 41, a unique Swedish pilot chrono that has been developed in close cooperation with Swedish fighter pilots in the Swedish Air Force. Named after the 212th fighter squadron, "Dalton", MALM's unique design celebrates the design of Swedish present and historical fighter jets.

Dalton Chronograph 41 has been designed using details from the Swedish fighter jets flown by the 212th fighter squadron over the years. Numbers, indexes and hands are all inspired by various measuring instruments and gauges in the JAS39 Gripen, JA37 Viggen and J35 Draken. MALM has given the pushers an aerodynamical shape and together with the bezel and crown they all wear the grooved surface of the joystick that are used in the JA37 Viggen. The Swedish Air Force's current fighter jet, the JAS39 Gripen, is represented as a silhouette in the center-positioned chronograph second hand. 

The Dalton Chronograph 41 is waterproof to 100 meters (10 atm) and uses the highest quality materials such as scratch and glareproofed sapphire and 316L stainless steel. 

MALM is giving regular customers the opportunity to join the same batch as the fighter pilots in the Swedish Air Force by offering pre-orders of the Dalton Chronograph 41 before January 27th, 2019. Estimated delivery is expected to be April / May 2019. Orders are placed through If you have any questions about the watch and the pre-orders, please contact MALM at