MALM develops WOLF - a limited watch for 211th fighter squadron in the Swedish Air Force

MALM initiates a collaboration with fighter pilots and members of the 211th fighter squadron located at F21, Kallax airport south of Luleå, Sweden. The division was formed in 1949 and received call sign "Urban Red" and since 2010 has been known as "Wolf".

The division is known as the leading reconnaissance flight squadron of the Swedish Air Force, which initially was staffed with the german S 14 Fieseler (also known as Storch), S 18 and S 26 Mustang. Subsequently, the squadron flew both the S 29 Tunnan and S 32 Lansen which was both replaced in the mid-60's by the sensational Draken fighter. During the late 1970's, the Draken aircraft was replaced by the larger and more powerful SF 37 and SH 37, two reconnaissance versions of the iconic Viggen fighter. The two Viggen fighters was later to be replaced by the more versatile JAS 39A, which transformed the squadron into a pure fighter squadron.

The collaboration between MALM and the 211th fighter squadron is about designing and manufacturing a new version of the earlier DALTON watch, which is developed together with the 212th fighter squadron. This new watch, named WOLF, use a different Seiko movement with two instead of three dubdials, which will give the watch a clean, different appearance. This limited WOLF-watch will be marked with the iconic Akktu Stakki logo, meaning  "lone wolf" in ancient Swedish sami language. The watch will also house the Swedish Air Force logo and the m/36 wings. Just like the DALTON watch, WOLF is inspired by lines, shapes and various gauges found in the historical fighter jets that has been used in the division through out the years. 

First pictures of WOLF will be released in June 2019.


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