16 new models - 25% off in December

After countless of attempts to develop new, unique stone dials to the successful Diana collection, MALM finally releases four new unique stone dials at the end of November. The 35 mm dials complement the existing collection of white and black marble in 4 different color combinations; silver, gold, rose gold and matte steel. Together with the former marble watches, the DIANA collection consists of 24 different models, positioning MALM as the brand with the widest range of stone watches in the world.

Together with the launch of the new stone dials, MALM releases four new, interchangeable watch straps in 18 mm. The new straps are made in genuine calf leather and with hidden seams. The straps are available in dark blue, green, pink and yellow and can be purchased with stainless steel buckle in all four colors; silver, gold, rose gold and matte steel.


Stones of the Diana collection